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Submitting Articles - IEEE Life Members Newsletter

We welcome articles for this newsletter. In particular, we seek articles about projects that are initiated at the Section and Region level by Life Members as well as “Tales from the Vault,” which should focus on novel or interesting technical issues. The suggested length for “Tales from the Vault” submissions is 500 words. If you would like to include photos, please send them in a high-resolution format (jpg, gif, or tif). Please do not embed them in a Word document.

Acronyms should be defined upon first use. Reference dates (years) also should be included. Editing, including for length, may occur. If you wish to discuss a story idea, you may contact Craig Causer, managing editor, by e-mail at The deadline to submit an article for possible inclusion in the next issue is 1 October 2020. Please include your Life Member grade, town, state, country, and email address with your article.

Download the form below: