The IEEE Strategic Plan 2020-2025 focuses on innovation through collaboration, with five key goals for the organization. Together with the IEEE’s steadfast mission, vision, and core values—the plan will guide the organization’s priorities.

“Strategic planning is critical because it provides us with forward-looking goals and sense of direction,” said 2020 IEEE President and Chief Executive Officer Toshio Fukuda. “This plan will help guide us and communicate our shared goals across IEEE.”

To gain input from stakeholders for the Strategic Plan, IEEE administered surveys with IEEE members, volunteer leaders, and the IEEE Management Council. Qualitative, in-person focus groups were conducted around the world to identify the goals of the IEEE as a member-focused global organization.

Delivering on this plan, IEEE will foster a collaborative environment that is open, inclusive, and free of bias and will continue to sustain the strength, reach, and vitality of our organization for future generations.

The five new goals state that IEEE will:

  • Drive global innovation through broad collaboration and the sharing of knowledge
  • Enhance public understanding of engineering and technology and pursue standards for their practical application
  • Be a trusted source of educational service and resources to support life-long learning
  • Provide opportunities for career and professional development
  • Inspire a worldwide audience by building communities that advance technical interest, inform public policy, and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

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